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Clubs & Fellowships

There are many clubs, societies & fellowships in our parish.

Social Club - meets most Fridays of the year from about 8 p.m. onwards (after the 7.30 p.m. mass). Open to all who want to join, with drinks to club members (only) on sale, as well as tea & coffee. We often play different card games, dominoes, Scrabble, etc.  or just have a chat. Sometimes we have a quiz or a bit of bingo - if it's someone's birthday we might even have cake!!! The club winds down about 10.30 - 11 p.m. at the latest. It is a good chance to get to know fellow parishioners better. A relaxed evening towards the end of the week. 
Coleraine Lunch Club - meets usually on the first Wednesday of every month. Sometime even the Vicar cooks half the food! A very-modestly priced two-course cooked lunch is on offer. This club in our church halls follows the 12 noon mass and lunch is usually served at or shortly before 1 p.m.
Men's Fellowship - a healthy and long-standing group of male members of our church of all ages who meet, usually once a month, and who seek to support the work of our parish and support each other, often organizing trips out, contributing energy and time to our parish, and promising to pray for each other, help each other and promote family and parish life. Formal meetings are very often on Friday evenings (as the Social club - see above - is starting) 
Spotlight Club  - open to female members of our congregation, meeting usually monthly on Thursday mornings/lunchtime. Once again, to provide mutual fellowship and support for each other and the parish with outings organized and social events arranged for the wider parish. 
Saturday Breakfast Club - a much more informal, but regular, arrangement whereby after the Saturday morning mass at 9 a.m., so from say 9.45 onwards breakfast is served informally in our kitchen, comprising breakfast rolls of bacon and/or egg with plenty of tea & coffee. Very modestly priced and there for anyone who wants to join in. 
Diversity is a group of younger women, formed in more recent times who have shown much energy in supporting the parish in various social events and fun things. We hope they will grow. Watch out here for more news.
Starlight is a small group of singers who often help us with our music on special liturgical occasions. They also bring fun and fellowship with their singing to local groups, especially old people's homes and community groups.  
Other fellowships - St Paul's is blessed with a rich diversity of cultures. The Ghanaian Fellowship, for example, meets usually monthly after the Sunday mass and supports the work our our parish as well as each other. There is also a Nigerian Fellowship. 

To find our more about any of the above groups and fellowships, do join us and ask. Members of all of them are around after our main Sunday Parish Mass. 

St Paul's Church, 60 Park Lane, Tottenham, London N17 0JR
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