Our Purpose

We are part of the church and family of God in North Tottenham who seek to:

Worship: God in the spirit of true love and joy.

Teach: The Love of God for all people, in our community and beyond, regardless of age, race, colour, creed, your experiences, background and status in society.

Nurture: Those in our community and beyond, as God directs us, regardless of age, race, colour, creed, experiences, background and status in society.

Serve: Others in our community and beyond, through our time, talents, gifts and resources, in partnership with others.


Our Priorities:

Mission Priority One:
To foster a place of belonging and use our resources to help our community recover and rebuild what was lost during the pandemic, for example, community spirit, social interaction and relationships, particularly for children, young people and single parent families and the elderly. We are thankful that we have Church halls, which will become spaces for re-grouping and re-building activities. This will be an ongoing priority, as we are in one of the poorest wards of London.

Mission Priority Two:
Our Food and Care Bank: To grow the provision of our current food and care bank to support and benefit those most in need within our community. We are thankful that we have been able to provide food and care parcels to those most in need through the pandemic and in a time where many have struggled to feed their families, due to loss of support and income. Our food and care bank have also enabled us to build relationship and foster a community spirit and we aim to continue building on this.

Mission Priority Three:
To continue to identify and encourage the gifts, skills and talents of those in our wider community and those of our own Church congregation and to match them to the needs of our Church and wider community. We have already experienced so many gifts and talents at St Paul’s during the three lockdowns we have experienced and hope to continue to encourage participation towards the development of our mission and the building up of God’s Kingdom here in Tottenham and beyond.

Mission Priority Four:
Actively seek out the most vulnerable among us, building on our work with children and young people and create an environment of security, trust and a place where they can all thrive as children of God.

Mission Priority Five:
Continue to review our vision alongside that of the Diocesan Vision 2030, which is to “Listen to London, Listen to God,” and creating a culture where “Every Londoner can encounter the love of God in Christ.”